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Echo of the Dreamer was started by Margaret Thurman and her daughter, Myoshin, in 1993.  Located in the heart of New York City,  the Echo team creates a line of beautiful, unique jewelry using natural stones and precious metals.  We also carry Echo of the Dreamer's new line headed by Myoshin Thurman, Mars and Valentine, created using vintage pieces in fresh new designs.  Our gallery shop carries over 200 of these lovely wearable works of art.  Below are some of our currrent pieces. 
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Echo of the Dreamer necklace


Echo of the Dreamer Blue Bracelet         



Echo Cluster Necklace


Echo of the Dreamer

Contemporary, One of a Kind, Art to Wear

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A   Austrian glass, carved glass, pearls.


B   Left - Platinum drusy, chalcedony, blue topaz, blue pearl, blue agate.


     Right - Green kayanite, sugilite, chrysophrase.


C    Glass intaglio, Austrian glass, white topaz, white and silver pearls.


D    Left - Blue agate, drusy, kyanite cluster necklace.


      Right - Kyanite, onyx, drusy.


E   Left - Blue pearl, blue topaz, blue agate drop necklace.


      Right - Blue topaz, drusy, blue agate, pearl.


F    Left - Onyx, coral, tourmalinated quartz.


     Right - Coral,  tourmalinated quartz, onyx, drusy, shell.


G     Left - Platinum drusy, white and brown topaz, pyrite.


      Center - Platinum drusy, fossilized shell, pearl, kyanite, mother of pearl.


      Right - Vintage carved glass, Austrian glass and white topaz.


H      Vintage glass, Austrian glass, white topaz, pearls, moonstone.


I      Left - Austrian glass, white topaz - size 8.


     Right - Vintage glass cabochon, Austrian glass, pearls - size 9.


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Echo of the Dreamer Blue Drop Necklace


Echo of the Dreamer Coral Necklace and Bracelet






And more of our current Echo pieces . . .

K    Antique glass and vintage castings, amethyst.


L   Shell, coral.


M    Amethyst & Citrine.


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K                            L   





N    Tourmalines, smithsonite, aquamarine, opal.


O     Coral, shell, pearls.


P   Left - Abalone, turquoise, peridot, blue topaz.


     Right - Pietersite, black mother-of-pearl, pearls.


Q    Vintage faceted Swarovski, white topaz.


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R   Vintage glass reverse carve intaglio, blue topaz, pearls.


S   Carved glass shell, Austrian crystal, blue topaz.


T   Gray coin pearl, platinum drusy.  2" long


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Echo of the Dreamer Jaipur Tourssade Necklace


Echo of the Dreamer jewelry


U    Jaipur tourssade necklace.


V    Left - Gold drusy, lemon topaz, pearl, citrine.


     Right - Vintage intaglio, gold drusy, champagne pearls.


W    Platinum tourssade, hematite, pearl, grey mother-of-pearl, sterling strand necklace.


X    Orange shells, river rocks, pearls, carnelian. (see bracelet below at DD)


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Y   Hematite, blue & white topaz, glass intaglio.


Z   Left - Chrysophrase, turquoise.


    Right - Shells, lemon topaz.


AA  Dinnerplate Dahlia intaglio, pearls.


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BB    Bracelet of champagne & copper pearls, smoky topaz.


CC    Green tourmaline, Andean opal, carved phrenite.  22" long.


DD    Left - Yellow shells, green pearls and lemon topaz.


      Right - Orange shell, green river rock cluster, pearl.


EE    Left - Turquoise, onyx, platinum drusy.


       Right - Onyx, mother of pearl, tourmalinated quartz, platinum drusy.


FF    Czech glass, white topaz, hematite, pearls.



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shell bracelet          Echo of the Dreamer Orange Shell Bracelet




GG   Left - White topaz, carved mother-of-pearl, glass intaglio Pegasus.


      Right - Vintage glass, pink agate, jasper, pink topaz.

$370      Sorry - SOLD

HH   White pearl and white topaz collar.


II   Left - Pearl, white topaz, onyx, tourmalinated quartz.

$304     Sorry - SOLD

      Center - White topaz, pearl.


      Right - Vintage glass, carved mother-of-pearl, white topaz.


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(right bracelet sold)


(left bracelet sold)


Echo Bracelets


Echo Necklace


KK    Gold drusy, rutilated quartz, mother of pearl, golden pearls.


     Right - Vintage intaglios, smoky quartz, gold drusy, mother of pearl.


LL     Turquoise, labradorite, blue topaz, peridot.


MM   Left - Platinum drusy, vintage intaglios.


     Right - Vintage intaglio, crystal, gold pearl.


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